What Professor Higgins is teaching

HNRS 195i Fall 2016

Searching for the mind:
From humans to robots

This course is an honors seminar for first-semester undergraduate honors students. We will start by debating the assumption that humans are simply biochemical machines. Do humans truly have "free will", and what does it mean if they do not? What is "the mind", and how do you know if it exists?

NSCS 315B Fall 2016

Methods in Neuroscience

This half-semester course is technically a computer lab, but actually we spend most of our time in long discussions about brains, minds, and cognition. And it's over in 7 weeks; how can you argue with that?

NSCS 495 Fall 2016

Matlab Programming for NSCS Students

This is an entirely new class, first taught this semester, designed specifically to get NSCS students the programming background they need. It's a rapidly evolving course, but so far is going amazingly well!