What Professor Higgins is teaching

HNRS 195i Fall 2014

Unlocking the mysteries of sleep

This course is an honors seminar for first-semester undergraduate honors students.
In this seminar we will explore what is known about sleep and delve into the many unknowns. Virtually every psychiatric disorder is strongly correlated with disturbances of sleep. Is disordered sleep the cause of these psychiatric disorders, or the effect? Is it possible to diagnose psychiatric disorders by looking at patterns of sleep over the long-term? Is it possible to objectively measure the effectiveness of psychoactive medications by looking at sleep instead of just asking a patient subjective questions? Could a measure of the quality of sleep lead to a metric of general health?

NROS 415 Fall 2014

Electrophysiology Laboratory

This course gives junior and senior undergraduates a strong background in electrophysiology using insects, and even humans! It was taught for the first time in 2012, and has been an amazing laboratory experience. For all the details, including pictures and videos, check out nros415.com.

NSCS 495 Spring 2014

Intriguing Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

This course is new in 2014, and is a student-led discussion course, where NSCS students offer all of the content, and I just kibitz from the back.

NROS 215 Spring 2014

Introduction to Electrophysiology

This course introduces freshmen and sophomores to the electrophysiology lab. It was taught for the first time in 2013. You can learn about everything, and see pictures and videos, at nros215.com.